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Good morning god i been up every seen five clock this morning.and still up.everyone please ppray for me.cause i dont know whats wrong with me one mintue i feel fine n the next i feel bad.i had started feel good by going to work but now im feel like i dont want be there .im thankful for my job cause god i need my just that my co worker is just the devil sometime.n it stress me out.what sure i do.tranfer or stay? I dont want feel sad all the time i want be happy sometime.aman

by BigmA

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Let Jesus be Lord of your life and not your feelings. Your mind will trigger ur feelings so put on the helmet of salvation and the breastpkate of righeousness. Remember days are growing darker. Dont let evil chase you, chase evil away by the power of the Word. This company may just be ur egypt, though it may enslave you its protecting u at the same time

PraiseHim | on Feb 26, 2012

Have faith always on your mind and heart. I felt the same way at work. Go in with a big smile don't let evil take control. When you show confidence things will change . My life at work is much better since i changed my way of being . Evil likes misery smile do your best trust me it works. Amen

Anonymous | on Feb 26, 2012

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