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Please pray for me. The devil is hard at work trying to bring me down. I'm dealing with co-workers and a boss against me. No matter what I say or do at work, it is criticized. They make me feel like an outcast. I'm afraid of losing my job. I am dealing with depression and loneliness. I am afraid that I'll always be alone while I watch all of my friends get married and have children. I am struggling with depression. Everyday feels like groundhog day to me. I am worried about my mom. She struggles with a mental illness and she won't get help. She is getting worse ecery day. I am worried about my dad. He drinks away the pain and abuse from my mom. I am worried about my sister who is mentally ill and currently serving time in jail. I haven't seen her for almost ten years. I am worried about my siblings. All of them are adults and unmarried without kids struggling with loneliness too. I just recovered from major surgery a couple of months ago. I worry about my health. Everything seems to be a mess. I am calling on my fellow Christians to please lift me up in prayer. I know that the Lord makes a way when there is no way. I have no one else to turn to. Please Lord, provide comfort and understanding for me. I know that you never put more on me than i can bear. My heart aches right now. I need for you to help me shake the devil off and protect my family. Please guide me through this difficult time.

by Roo _Pee

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Miriah is praying for u!

Anonymous | on Jan 26, 2010

And so am I! The Lord is there with you to help you through. Keep your head up

Green Tea | on Jan 26, 2010

Pray for you to be strong. Not to worry about criticize you. Give your worries to God. Let your co-worker go. Just say nothing. Leave everything to Him.

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2010

Put all your worries and fears into his hands. This storm might be tough 2 go through but that's just it YOU GO THROUGH it and your gonna come out a better person just know that god has your back trust that he knows what he is doing. Hold on to your faith

God is my Everything! | on Jan 27, 2010

Lord touch the mind right now oh god....bless this person...give them strength right now...I just want to let u know its only a test wat u going threw...the devil like to attack the mind..but I pray to bring ur mind back to the cross....devil u can't have this mind...but if u have enough faith that god would fix it .....he would turn ur nights to day...but u have to have enough faith...but I speak life on ur famiily devil u can't have this family...give back the joy,mind and peace

bless child | on Jan 27, 2010

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