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Dear Lord i pray for healing of my blindness, these terrible scraches on my face and neck i pray you will allow me to just ignore my out rage and this hate i have towards the people that jumped me last night at the club, i pray that the one I love comes back home, and I thank you for all the monetary blessing please lord jesus help i feel wounded both phisically and mentaly i feel like everyone is now against me and i lost all my friends and i been to distant from all my family in California being the only one in Las Vegas i feel very lonely and now more than ever since my love walked away. Have i been that bad in life to deserve all this and why is it that i helped so many people in their time of need and as soon as they get back on their feet they all back stave me. In the name of J E S U S i pray for happyness back in my life and for all the negative to just go away. I love you Lord God and I thank you for saving me over and over. Amen

by Ryan w/

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You should stop. And think these places Your going to like the club are they good places? You neex to surround yourself with ppl who lift you up.God is not punishing you he's waiting for you in open arms. Stay strong your not alone. I pray for your contentment patience love and faith. :)

bella | on Jan 26, 2010

Thank you everyone for your prayers and your kind words.

Ryan w/ | on Jan 26, 2010

Sometimes the Lord is waiting for us to take action and remove the obstacles that are in His way so that He can answer our prayers. Read galtians 5 and know what pleases God and what does not. Know the ways of the world and the fruits of the spirit. Bless you

Alfredo paradise ca | on Jan 26, 2010

I'm sorry that happened. I pray that you recover soon and find your happiness

Nikke | on Jan 26, 2010

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