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Dear Lord Jesus,

I am sorry Master, for being very bad…I don’t know why this is happening, but I know I want to change…please Master shield me so that I will not go back to my old bad days and ways. Keep the devil away from all of us. Heal us and protect us with the stripes of your precious blood which you shed for us on the Calvary cross.

Master, please help me to love more and more..think low and be humble. Give me a spirit of meekness and humbleness. I accept you as my personal Saviour as I know and have felt you in my life. You have lifted the burden from me…Lord, please have mercy on me.

Lord help me…Help me to love, be humble, meek, helpful and love more and more. Prepare me and my body and my family for getting ready to receive your bundle of joy and happiness. Seal us Master. Please Lord, show us the way , time and lead us Master.

Lord, please heal me Master, I want to claim your healing..please make me ready to accept your holy spirit and be of help for many people out there who require your presence in their lives. Make me a channel of your peace, so that I can love and spread your peace to all the wounded ones…

Lord, Please hear me and forgive me, I know you love me and have saved me several times from deep pits and death when I was dying, sinking with the burden of my sins…love me lord and have mercy on me and all my dear ones for all the children of your for whom I pray…..

Master I want to be pregnant and bear children for my loving angel and his parents who have changed my life a lot and has accepted me into their lives in spite of being very bitter to them…..I want to turn back those days into days of happiness and peacefulness for them…Bless Joel abundantly and gift him with siblings... depending on how many you would like us to have so that I will have a complete healthy family…with love, peace and happiness always…I should not put my Lord to test, sorry for thinking in the wrong way….

Lord I want to experience you, your voice, your holy spirit and your healing. Lord your creation is what I am and I know how much You Love me that you died for all your children so that our sins will be forgiven. I accept You Master, Please speak and whisper to me…I know I am not worthy as I am filled sins. Please forgive me and make me Your child so that I can lie at your foot and cry and be happy and hug you so that I will be a new as a new born child .Please bless me with strength and youth, which I had lost due to my sin filled life…Make me new Master.

Bless me in all my works and fill me with thy wisdom…Speak to me Lord…

Lord am I getting visions that I see your face or is it my mind making me to see like that…
Lord touch me and fill my cup to the brim….

Bless Benny and Joel…I want to gift them with more children so that they can care for…and love…..

Lord fill me, forgive and change me…Master change me and mould me the way you want me so that the devil will never snatch me…make thy holy angels to guard over us.
Lord please speak to me…
Master please heal Mummy and daddy, change them Master so that they will know You better and be saved…..

Lord show me the date when I should conceive and make my body to accept the pregnancy so that I will be well all through out…..

In Jesus Name, AMEN

by Jean

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