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Well, the first thing I can say is I never thought it would be like this. I thought this whole thing would be almost perfect. I thought it would be a joy-ride; with signs pointing toward the reaping of all the great things that were sown through this. But it's not. Matter of fact, the battle may have just begun. I'm filled with fear, and I battle to fight it everyday but somehow seem to let it defeat me most days. I have been struggling...well more like trust you. I do not know what you see. I do not know what you have planned-I know the plans are good, but everyone says it takes going through many storms and heartbreaks to get there. I do not want that to happen again. Not this one. But here I am again-in the thick of it already...afraid of the worst, expecting the worst, dreading the worst. I am lost, I feel like I am letting my guard down and giving up on trusting you. Why else would I be living in such tormenting fear? Please show me what you want me to see as clearly as you see it. I do not want to make a decision that dishonors you with the course of my life. I just don't know how to start over again with him being out. I'm obsessing, am overly sensitive, overly clingy, needy, distrusting, rude, and controlling. Please help me to calm down with these feelings because I am going down slowly but surely if I continue putting so much of my focus and mental energy into this relationship and trying to make it work. I ask that YOU make this relationship work. If this is what you have for me, please let this relationship grow and become strong and more founded and focused on you. But if this is not it, please just make that VERY clear to me-like bricks of a wall tumbling down so that I can finally see what's on the other side. Please help me to calm down, and to just relax. Help me to live in peace regardless of Ryans decisions, what he says sometimes, his season he's in with you, and with the way we communicate. Please help me. I am desperate; and if I am not desperate enough, get me there. Because I can't live like this without you. I can't do this without you. I cannot live without you. So help me lord, please with this.

by Anonymous

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The Lord will guide you. You must surrender all to him.

juslikeu | on Feb 07, 2012

Good luck; it's hard. Relationships are hard - especially those not equally wanted by both parties. I'm a bit in the pain of that myself right now. All we can do is pray and allow both God's will and the other's free will. Life on this earth can be such a challenge for sure. I, too, have often wished things were more obvious and less confusing. But I pray and try to learn the lessons. Good luck.

Anonymous | on Feb 07, 2012

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