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The Lord bless you all in Jesus name. My brothrs and sisters in the Lord i need you to pray for my son whose been depressed and soo angry at home. We moved a week ago. we thought my husband and i that the move to a different town was going to make him a little better. Now he is angrier than before and threatened to kill me. The more i pray for him the worse he gets. Now i study Gods Word and i believe for the impossible. Many yrs ago i became saved and study the Word i just dont know what to do. Where to turn. My eldest daughter tells me to throw him out of the house. My husband tells me that if it wasnt for me he would tell our son to leave. But where will he go ? He doesnt have friends or family ! I dont want to call the behavioral health at the hospital to get out. He really gets sooo angry at everything and starts yelling and insulting me. Verbally abusive he gets ! He told me he cant stand me and wants me to get out of his life. NOW I AM GETTING AFRAID OF HIM BECAUSE OF THE LOOKNIN HIS EYES. DEAR GOD WHAT CAN I DO ? PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SON AND FOR OUR FAMILY.THE MORE I SEEK THE LORD THE WORSE MY SON BEHAVES. HE DOESNT GO OUT OF THE HOUSE AND NO HE DOESNT USE DRUGS. PLEASE I PRAYED FOR DELIVERANCE FOR OUR SON PRAY FOR DELIVERANCE FR DEPRESSION ANGER HATRED. SALVATION. I DONT WANT MY SON TO GET HURT AT TH HOSPITAL OR ANYWHERE. I LOVE MY KID HES ONLY 22 !

by Gabriella999

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You desperately need to get professional help you are in my prayers

Anonymous | on Feb 05, 2012


Anonymous | on Feb 05, 2012

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