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Today is my birthday, and it's been 8yrs since I celebrated my birthday, since my one sister passed away from cancer on 2/1/04 , three days before my birthday. But this evening my boyfriend of 8yrs, took me to dinner and a movie. I felt a little alone inside, sad knowing I was able to share my day with her. But my boyfriend made me realize, I couldn't give up or stop doing things. I sister would want me to go on living. I truly believe, she was gave me peace tonight has I lay on head down tonight. Thank u God for putting peace in my heart. So that I no longer have to hurt for her. God please let her know I love and miss her and my to older brothers. There's not a day that goes by without them on our families mind.

by Bakersfield,ca

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Are you in kern county
God bless you and your family

spiritual freedom | on Feb 04, 2012

Yes, I live in Kern County. Thank you, for your prayers. I family and I appreate them.

Bakersfield,ca | on Feb 05, 2012

Happy Birthday, God wants you to live your life with joy and happiness, by you doin that does not mean you have forgotten your sister, far from it, yes remember your sister, you always will, but also remember, God has allowed you to still be here, so shine, enjoy your life that He has bless'd you with, God bless you. ;)

Touched by God. ;) | on Feb 05, 2012

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