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I please ask for all of you great people out there who are willing to pray for others to please keep me in your prayers. About half a year ago, I'm currently 20 years old, i had my first drink of alcohol and smoked weed and this last christmas i stopped with everything because my parents found out christmas night. i was into the dirty world for half a year and my acne started to get better the more i smoked weed which i was so happy because i had acne since the age of 12. the day after christmas 2011 i repented all my sins and stopped smoking and i didn't want to smoke at all even tho i thought i could have stop. Anyway, my acne got a bit worse and i can feel the devil tempting me when I'm stressed with school or when i look into the mirror and see a person with ugly acne, and the devil send me thought saying, just go buy some weed and smoke only on occasions your going to forget about all this problematic world and your skin will improve.
I would please ask you to pray that i stay strong with this tentation and for God to cure my acne after having it for 8 years with no ability to cure it no matter what dermatologist i see.
God Bless.

by Anonymous

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One keep ur hands out of it face, our hands are the dirty we touch everything. My daughter uses Neuteogena products for acne n body wash in the orange label. They have all kinds. If u have a Wal-mart the equate brands acnce wash oil free r good too. Sometime we mit not have cash for things we need pray I believe in God. And the all the other stuff we really don't need. Out temple is suppose to be pure and clean for God. God bless you!

Awsome God | on Feb 02, 2012

Thanks to all who prayed for me and I hope that God rewards you ten times.
Thanks again, please keep me in your prayers. See you guys in heaven.:)

Anonymous | on Feb 03, 2012

Amen. God bless you, and stay strong. that is definately a strong temptation from the tempter...
but read Phillippeans 4:13 and remember it in life

Anonymous | on Feb 03, 2012

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