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Dear God,

I'm asking you with all my heart to let me leave my old town in a safe and positive way. My mom doesn't accept the fact that I am leaving. She is the most controlling person I have ever met. Lord, I am begging you to help me through this amazing adventure in my life. Allow me to stretch beyond what I have been surrounded by for my whole life. Lord, I need You. I need you each and everyday from here on out. Please forgive me for my sins and allow me to grow and prosper as Your Child. I am begging you to give me Your strength. Lord, I have. barely slept because of the nervousness and tension from what may come in the next few weeks. I need You to give me a positive attitude. To enlighten me with your presence as well as the others around me. Lord, if there are any lessons you need to teach me, please do. I'm scared. I'm doubted by the ones I thought loved me. I'm truly nervous about what is to come. If you can just give me the chance to recieve your strength and courage I know You are with me.


by PraytoOurLord727

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