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Lord, why does everyone hate me. I dont have my family or my friend. My fav neva calles me to c how im doing or what im doing , they hate me. No one eva loved me. When i was little i was raped and no one beleved me. I tried to tell my step mom but she neva belived me and she would tell me that she would tell my dad that i was a liar and i was bad. I was neva bad i was always good. Always cooking and cleaning. My own boyfriend wants to sleep with everyone but me. And he always treats me liked ****. Im sorry god for all i`ve done but all i want is a family and a husband . Not someone that will rape me foe sex but someone that will care for me and hug me and love me for who i am and what i do. . Lord, please forgive me for my sins.please forgive me for drinking today but im deoressed and i dont wana cry......i love you god and u are the person that lets me get throw the days and nights. Thanl you lord for giving me life and the chance to live. Amen

by melly09

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You need to remove yourself from relationships with men for a time. Allow god to heal your heart and emotions. Unheathly people attract people who are unhealthy or how will take advantage of you. It will be hard but having walked similar path I know this must happen. Only have female friends while you heal. There are support groups to help. You are not alone. Many famous people were abused. With god you can overcome. Please leave current relationship

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2010

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