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Dear God...its become minute, my beliefs are no longer stronger, my faith slowly fading. Why is so much injustice, why is it that you allow the bad things happen to me? Its not a test i know that. I've been patient. But nothing seems to be answered. Sometimes I ask myself if you are real. Sometimes i want to challange you. Sometimes I wish you did something about it. But my life is not what i wanted, i had a future and it was stripped from my hands. If you are merciful, why did you let all those poor people in Haiti die, or be left without a roof over their head and left for dead? If you're so merciful, why am I here today suffering?...If you do exist, and if you are listening, this is my last plead/prayer. I have nothing. I wont lose belife, but i will be agnostic. Thank You. Amen.

by alan

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Hi alan, as devasatating as it can be God did say on the bible that these tragic events will happe. We live in a sinful world, therefore as hard as it is to accept and understand God lets these things happen, it is part of his plan and we wouldnt know the reason why until he comes as he says on his word(bible). Im no preacher but i been thru what you been thru i questioned God so many times as to why things dont go my way and i complain and hated life cuz i felt like im a failure. But then i realized that things arent going my way because its not what God wanted for me. I was too hard headed to see. Its his will that needs to be done not mine. So i tried having faith and that and until this day im riding it out and waiting to see where he takes me. I prayed you. GOD BLESS!

heartfilled | on Jan 22, 2010

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