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Dear lord,
I pray for comfort for ____. He is the most amazing guy I have ever met in my life!! He is sssooo sweeetttt!! He does not diseverve that!! Poor boy is only in sixth grade and he is dealing with his dad on fourth stadge cacer:( the cancer is pandemonium. It's the worst there is. But make his dad be HEALED! Make him not have to lay in a hospital bed agian! That u will turn this monster into a merical. Show him that I am there for him!! He can trust me, no matter what! He can call me at two in the morning, I'll answer it! Today at school he said something was up with his dad so I don't know what's up, but it's not good. He is the head captin of the football basketball and baseball team, he is the most athletic boy u will ever see!! He is the most popular boy in the school, and he didn't talk to anyone at lunch, or walk with anyone in the hallway. The only time he smiled was when I sMiled at him!! Please heal him, this boy wants and needs you! He is tring to get on the right path, he really is! He just can't get out of the tight grib of the devil. This kid walke up to him and said "your dads going to die" and thought it was funny, prove that kid wrong!!! U can heal!!!! yesterday, I figures out that the doctor said his dad only has three more days to live, and his birthday is today!!!
Please heal! That is all he wants for his birthday.

by kylie:):)<><

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Lord please bring peace to this child and his family wrap your loving arms around him in Jesus name I pray

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2010

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