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Father, I have suffered enough with school. I didn't have my high school diploma for six long years. But because I was loyal and determined by not giving up I received my original diploma 2009. I am very thankful and I feel a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Now, its like back to square one. I've have been trying to get into either an RN or Lpn school and its like no luck. I can't pass a test. I don't know if the devil didn't hear clearly that I'm a child of god, and I'm not backing down again. I have faith that my heavenly father will open the doors for me this year. I'm in need to continue my education and I have too. It makes me feel like something is wrong with me. I really enjoy helping people and in that matter I deserve to become something and I need serious me pray!!

by Living for my father

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God bless you for keep on pushing. ask the Lord if this is what He has for you. His plans are to prosper you. Their are many way to help people, I wanted to be shrink but could hardly read. I droped out of school, got married, went to work, & when I gave my life to Jesus He taught me how to read theBible since thin I worked management, and for 14 yrs ben a pastor God gave me the desire of my heart. I counsel people by the Holy Bible so iam a unpaid srink but God pays better then any $ and Jesus has always ben faithful to supply my needs. You are a step ahead of me you already know to pray. My dad says it aint no step for a steper. Keep steeping Jesus will see u through

Sister in Christ | on Jan 20, 2012

Thank you I will continue to pray harder.

Living for my father | on Jan 20, 2012

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