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There's a girl by the by name of Isabelle from the Netherlands. Please pray for her soul. Her heart has hardened because her best friend and her entire family were involved in a car accident a while back and they all passed away. But the thing is that they were all Believers in JESUS!! So you know that they got promoted into Heaven! But she's sad, lonely and affraid. She began cursing me out when I was telling her humbly about the Love of GOD. I spoke life into her. She is heading in the wrong direction. Brothers and Sisters. It's time that we stop asking GOD so much as about our selfs and begin to pray for the lost into The Kingdom. I go under cover online to the dark places where others are extremely lost. But I always cover myself in The Blood Of JESUS so I won't fall into sin. I go onto so many dating sites that I'm with, like around 16 different ones. I talk to them as if I'm looking for my mate. But the truth is that, once we begin talking that's an open door for me to witness to them. Many have come back from backsliding! And some have accepted JESUS! And some have even begun going to Church! GOD is definitely working(: Please pray for me.. I mean I get persecuted or my life threatened like a young lady from Jerusalem. She's Muslim and her religion is Islamic. We began sharing our different worlds. I'm always so humble. So, she told me, "Thats it!! You have crossed the line" Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. I'm also witnessing to Buddhist, Satanist, Catholics and non-believers. I can't do this alone... :( I need help, I wish there where many True Believers that could help me. There's just too many people for me to witness too in such a short time. If you decide to join in, you need to have a very good intimate relationship with Father GOD. If not you'll fall into temptation. I'm not a Preacher. But I would love to go to the Nations of the world to Heal people of all kinds of sickness' in JESUS Name. And to cast out demons in JESUS of Nazareth, which I've already begun. I have not yet raised the dead which I know JESUS is going to want me to. I've been caught up into Heaven before JESUS. Omg!.... He's sooo Glorious!!! I see angels as well as demons. It comes with the package. I'm always getting persecuted for no apparent reason, but I know exactly why. The devil is literally trying to kill through automobiles, at work, at home or just bout anywheres. But I trust GOD. I have His Favor in my life. I can't really understand what's going on with me... That, I desire to just be in Church or to watch Christian channel on tv or even listen to the Christian radio or read my Bible or have anything that has to do with JESUS. I can't seem to get JESUS out of my mind. Even if tried too! Which reminds me of the verse in the scriptures.. can't remember it right now but it says, "you will be so possesed with mind of The Lord, and you will resemble Him" I honestly don't want to be in this cruel world anymore:( I'm afraid.. tears.... tears....tears... I have no one to mentor me. My family rejects me, also my so called friends, even at work. At Church I like.... GOD forgive me. I get bad looks. I'm not prideful in any kind of way. People whom I give my testimony unto, are amazed that i'm still alive. Wipe'n tears off.... Ok so, I wanted 2 give my number out to those who are really in desperate need to pray for. What do you think honestly? I Love You ALL regardless of your background religion or anything else. I don't care I still love you so much. Don't give up, please don't. This is the very year for GOD's children to rise like rising Stars for The Glory of GOD. The Light of the world is being Manifested like never before.

by Othniel

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