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Seems like the more i try the harder it gets..
I cnt even explain this feeling or why i feel diz way..
Everyone around me seems to start fading away without me even noticing untill they r gone..
Jesus pleas help me and take me the right way..
My life feelz like a maze and everytime i think things r going great i walk into a dead end..
God help me see wat it is i need to do in order for me to get out of this maze with no more twist n turnz that make me fall n nt wana get up no more..

by 5*13*08

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I pray that u understand that God makes no mistakes and he sets up road blocks to keep u out and away from what he has not designated for u. Listen to him ask him to speak to u. He will just be still and he Will.

Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2010

God bless you,don't lose faith in God he is very powerful.He has answered a lot of my prayers and he is listening just have FAITH!

new angel | on Jan 21, 2010

Just stay strong and have faith. I totally understand how you feel as for I'm 22 have those feelings a lot. But just keep faith. Believe in him with all ur heart. And its true he throws road blocks at u to see how u handle them I believe he does it cus one its either not what he wants for u. Or two he doing it to show u how strong u can be such as overcoming death. But for every death theirs a new one born remember that. And two don't let anything get in ur dreams god didn't create life to be easy so I think he throws things at us to show us look around maybe some of them are signs.

Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2010

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