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Hey god, help me not to get caught up in things at school that make me unpure. Help me to keep up my grades. And help get through this terrible thing " jr high". Please let these people pray for me and give me advice from you. I love you so much, and you love me, and I know that. Help me not to strugle with understanding trinity, for it is the one thing I can't always beilieve, help me to get along with my science fair partner. I pray for this kid who moved and is going to a chriatian school, and he is embaressed here of his Christianity.
In Christ our lord,

by GodsGirl

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Guys i need some advice. Help?

GodsGirl | on Jan 21, 2010

Yeah its me again and im having the same problems as ur friend. Embarassed of being z christian. I mean i try not to be but its hard no to. And just so i can know and help, wat unpure things are u talkin about? Like drama and stuff

Very Confused Teenage Guy | on Jan 21, 2010

Well it's just hard to stand up for my religion wen every one is so sick minded

GodsGirl | on Jan 21, 2010

Yeah i hate that my sis is goin through the same thing and me too. All i do is think like will it matter when we are standing be4 god ? Or will u want to be da 1 who obeyed and followed god in hard times. Not to sound like a wise guy or anything i myself is working on it too

Anonymous | on Jan 21, 2010

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