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Lord I wish I was a little bit taller and gained weight im 20 and look 10 lord its embarrasing :'(

by Anonymous

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Im sorry i couldnt help it.... this one made me smile. It reminded me of this story: When a man who were studying to become a priest met Cardinal Razinger (now pope Benedict) for the first time, the cardinal reacted somewhat confused at first. Years later the now-pope confessed to this priest that his first thought was "Who's this dressed up first-communion-kid and what kind of prank is he trying to pull?", because he, too, is so small and fragile-looking. They became really good friends and this priest brought so much blessings down upon the people of russia..... so, i guess what i am trying to say... not so much need to look great if you are great :) and god most definitly thinks you are great. (I know, it can be really tough at times to agree with his strange taste ;) but he's the boss....) God bless you. Regards, Katharina

Anonymous | on Dec 15, 2011

Im 4ft 8in tall ya im a midget even ttho im porportioned good. And im 5ft with heels on

Anonymous | on Dec 17, 2011

*scratches her head with embarasment* im sorry, im coming from the metric world... you could tell me 20ft was small and i'd believe it...
(ok, I googled, it's about 1,40m)

but if you talk about high heels, are you a girl then?
A friend of mine is your size. Her boyfriend is 1,85m (6.15ft). They are such a lovely couple! :D xD
And in asia you are average...

Dont let you ruin your life by being discontend about something like that....... seriously, though, i KNOW this is much harder done than said... but still... you wont find happynes if you dont pray like jesus. =/ i found out the hard way :(
And he prayed 'dad, please i want this reeeally really hard,.... but if u want something else thats ok...'

God, i pray you! Give her your eyes so she can see how awesome you made her! If it's good for her, please do grant her wish and let her grow. Make her tall and strong. But most of all make her strong in faith and upright and invincible in character! :)

That reminds me of a poem by chaplin our priest read out in his preachings... about loving oneself. I found it very cool, as i have my share of problems with liking myself, too. He was some GREAT little guy, too. Chaplin was... :)

(Btw, i'm no giant myself. I find it does quite have a merrit to be able to type on these midget-keyboards of mobilephones... ;) )

Anonymous | on Dec 17, 2011

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