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WARRIORS strong in the Lord. Knowing your authority against satan. Please read comment:

by 777

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WAR...! %uFFFD HELP...!
Warriors...Strong Warriors in the Lord. Please...anyone who KNOWS their authority in Christ, please war with me.
My brother in the Lord, (Isaiah,21) and I were given a vision and word about a ministry to the Lord thru us. Ever since the day after...we have cone under attack. %uFFFDHis family friend (tim 50's), his father (so called pastor), and his 22 yo illegal Mexican homosexual Christian friend (Juan, 22) are all telling him I have a demon, that I'm a deceiver, & to cut his brotherhood with me.

Isaiah & I Love each other deeply, but it's a Godly, pure, brotherly, Corinthian Love. %uFFFDNothing between us is impure, or shameful before the Lord. %uFFFDHis father on Mon. (12.5) ordered him to move home, took his truck, took his phone, and grounded his freedom of movement. Isaiah is totally cut off from me, & his support network. The father read every single text between us, & in a years worth there is NOTHING we would proudly display in front of Jesus.

Isaiah is very sensitive, emotional, and obedient to his family.
He is confused and being pulled in different directions. Last week the Lord prophesied specific messages that have now come true this week.

PLEASE brothers & sisters. WARRIORS. Please will anyone get on their knees and beseech GOD to move HIS Hand. %uFFFDBIND satan!!! %uFFFDBIND his filthy lying tongue..!!! BIND the whispers gossip slander about me. %uFFFDPLEAD GOD establish us for His Glory..! %uFFFDWAR against the evil forces swirling to destroy rob a vision, steal a future, snuff out love, cause division, strife, misunderstanding, disharmony within the body.
ASK Jesus to hug us, & keep us.

BIND this Juans sensual influence. He's believing GOD for a healing, but he is always bringing up gay porn, masturbating to gay porn, he stripped Isaiah, & massaged him. He asked Isaiah to massage him. Last Sat. he showed Isaiah his erection while sitting in Gods House of Worship. They take little day trips, & hike, and Juan takes a disproportionately large number of photographs of Isaiah in living poses, 2 with his shirt off. They take steam baths at Tims house. %uFFFD
PLEASE WARRIORS, Strong Christian members, can you see the evil surrounding Isaiah, dirtying my name while these 3 say I'm a demon.%uFFFD
Please Help us...Please pray for us, & our reunification...

Please sow in this, & reap in the Victory for GODS GLORY..!

I ask in Love, THANK YOU

777 | on Dec 09, 2011

Jesus is Lord

Psalm91:11 | on Dec 09, 2011

I will pray for you. A lot of your situation I don't understand, but I know God does. :o)

Anonymous | on Dec 09, 2011

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