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Lord, I have been trying my very best to make this man feel that i care and that i love him.... but no matter what i do it seems its never good enough... yes i am insecure and i am jealous and i dont trust that easy but i have been hurt over and over in the past and i am working on my issues... i have already came a long way the people closest to me have seen this but being he wasnt in my past he will never know this... i have asked him to be patient lord and he said he understood but yet he has seemed to judge me and not realize he also is not perfect and he also has brought his past into this relationship... lord i have been patient with this because i understand it takes time... all i want from him is to really be here through the thick and thin with me... i have shown him a lot lord and you know i have.. i pray lord that you humble his heart and help him to realize that he also needs to look deeper than just thinking that hes perfect.. he knows he is a good man lord and thats why hes acting the way he is... but a good man should not let the pride get the best of him... i have learned to humble myself and to forgive... he needs to forgive lord and he needs to realize not everyone is trying to hurt him... lord im here because i do love him and just want to know he does back... lord he knows but he is acting very heartless... i have opened my heart to him lord and i have put it all down on the table but now i dont know what more i could do but pray for him to see and realize....lord i miss him and the holidays are coming and i just pray lord that he may realize it so we can move forward lord together with you and be happy...lord please hear my prayer ... i really need a miracle....amen

by mandy

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