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Good Morning Thanking my Heavenly Father for waking me and my family and friends on this amazing day. I'm going through a lot what's wrong with me ? Why dont everybody love me . Im always getting my feelings catch in some guy and he turn out to play me I feel so worthless. God I need your hand your warm brace I'm all cried out Im so sick of crying . I done cried so much it hurts. I'm so scared I maybe single all my life I been single for 4 years now but I have talked to dudes that wasn't ready or I didn't want to go with them . I wasted 3 years on a dog who never was gone change and now a month on someone I though was so good for me and he turned and ****ed me. Ugh I'm so hurt I watch my phone hoping and wishing he call or text me and when he don't I feel so hurt . I mean was It that boring by my house or did I say something or was I that fat or ugly that I scared him away ????? God just take my feelings away I wanna cold heart . I been heart broken so many times I can't take it anymore in Jesus name I pray Amen.

by khanel

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Sweet one, it's natural to want a partner. And in praying, you are with the best partner, God. I've been single for ten years now, and never imagined I could survive it. But I feel at peace with myself and I enjoy my own company and the company of friends. You can, too. Keep praying and be even better to yourself than any partner or lover you can imagine. Then, life will get sweeter and sweeter, and you will thrive, with or without a partner, and be happy. I send you love and blessings!

Anonymous | on Nov 06, 2011

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