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Dear lord, i need your help. I have been away from my husband working and i jave had alot of time to think about our marriage. the intimacy connection is not there and we have been married for more then 7 years. He is a really Good guy and as far as i know, theres no infidelity on his end but its just not normal to not b intimate for so long. Did i marry the right person? Or did i marry him because we were in love with the idea? Now that im away working, he wants to work on this. Please help me, i know you dont believe in divorice but only according to your guidlines in matthew 5: 32? Thanks for always picking me up when i fall and i ve been stumbling alot. Please put your hedge of protection around friends who are stuggling, families, and people who are hurting around the world. My issues seem so minor when i hear opf others risking their lives to bring your word to the unbeliver. God Bless this ite for being made and discovered. In Jesus's Amen. C has my heart.

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Watch the movie fireproof with your husband.

Alex | on Jan 11, 2010

Thanks alex, we did see this movie. Our issue is intimacy. There's none, but we say we love each other

Anonymous | on Jan 11, 2010

Follow your heart

Anonymous | on Jan 11, 2010

Huh.. just keep praying about it. Go on an adventure together! Maybe that'll start a spark. Like skydiving or river rafting. I know a good Christian place to go river rafting near sacramento, Ca. It's called rock'n'water.

Alex | on Jan 11, 2010

Thanks for all the prayers and input. Its so difficult to cnnect now that I've moved clear to the west coast to work and I guess it will b 2 more months til he. Or I get back. New to the site so many more prayers to come.

Anonymous | on Jan 12, 2010

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