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Everyone help me pray, I have people lying on me and talking me down to so many people, I have prayed God please don't let me have feelings about them that's not of you, it's so hard when fellow so called Christians are running you down to everyone. They have cause lost people to not want to even come to church any more with their lies, they need just as much prayer as I do. Please be praying about this! Thank you!!!
P.s. Pray God will close my enemies mouth, place fear in their hearts to speak no more lies

by Apostolic

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Listen those r wolves in sheep they r there to distract u from Gods word and all the blessing Jesus has in store for u! Don't pay them any mind remember the devil is a liar just worry about your relationship with God and ignore them they r just flys swat them away! We go to church to have a relationship with God not to gossip! And God knows your heart and that's all that matters, God will take care of them! Do what Gods say love them! U see we ass Christian have a responsibility and it's to help lost souls find Jesus and how r they goin to believe in us if we invite the to church and all they r goin to see is and here is gossip they're goin to think wats

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 04, 2011

The difference from the church and the street! And that wat real Christians should focus on! Just do what Jesus says turn the other cheek! And love your neighbor just like you love me! God bless you and I just write wat

Ibis Y. Colon | on Oct 04, 2011

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