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I just feel like life is all wrong for mei have no clue as to what to do I just want to give up because nothing good had come out of this yr life is horrible I haven't lost my faith but honestly I just think the best thing to do is give up i feel like I'm being punished fand giving up is all I feel comfortable with doing at this point in my life I'm sick of getting amped up for things and they don't happen I'm living hell on earth and I don't know how to make it better the job had yet to call bk so I have a pretty good idea that all those interviews were for nothing I'm not in school I'm not dancing I have no clue to what college I'm going to id think I'm going to find one in ny I hate that this weight want come off I still don't have my license s and more people dislike me then I thought and I have done nothing to anyone I'm on the verg of breaking dwn as usual because sitting in the house is driving me mad I hate my life I hate 2011 because truly I'm seeing alot of things I'm in almost a depression mode I just want this to end because at this point id think anything will brighton up from here I just don't care anymore and I hate that I have that mentality now in jesus name I pray that things look up because I honestly can't tk this anymore I'm broken and I don't know how to fix it and the devil has attacked me and I don't know how to get him away from me so o call on you harder to see me through amen

by Vicky

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