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Dear God,

I wish i never messed up when i was with my ex. I never cheated, but, i broke her trust. This was all during the summer last year. When i was with her, i only stressed cuz i feared of losing her. And then i did. She met someone new. And lives with him. I miss her, but i have faith in you that maybe ill find someone better? Ive always thought she was the one, even if i can have another chance, id still think so. I pray things will turn out ok in the future, and maybe i can have another chance with her. Or find someone new as well...

by kenny

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Tell her. Tell her you know it doesn't mean a second chance but that you do care and you're sorry for hurting her.

Jen | on Jan 09, 2010

I already told actually..and her response was that she understands and she's sorry, and that was it..its like..there will never be another chance..

kenny | on Jan 09, 2010

And I can't be there as just a friend because I still have feelings when she's already seeing someone else

kenny | on Jan 09, 2010

I know your hurt brother but as hard as this is, you must leave this in Gods hands. I admire you for seeking the Lord in even the most painful situations to be in. I'll be praying for you brother. But just continue to seek and trust the Lord and He will meet the desires of your heart.

Anonymous | on Jan 09, 2010

Thank you so much, and God Bless. I'm really trying my best to put my faith up to God.

kenny | on Jan 09, 2010

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