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God this same sin that I keep dealing with won't go away. I come to you this morning just as I am. Take my life and make it a new creation.

by dr_cherry00

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Just keep believing in our father,he will come thru for you!

Anonymous | on Jan 06, 2010

Your heart shows that you want change; you're not content with being "in sin". God Loves your heart, because llike David, you want change. In Psalms it says "A just man falls seven times (and Gets up)..."
don't let the enemy destroy you by robbing you of hope.

Consumed [email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 06, 2010

Heart Condition

I’m judged as His son, He sets me apart.
There’s no condemnation, except in my heart.

Deceitful and wicked, my heart tells me lies.
That I’m not really His son, that it’s all a disguise.

It makes me feel bad, so heavy the load.
Too heavy to carry, too narrow the road.

I must trust in the Lord, believe in His name.
He saved me from hell, I’m not even the same.

Forever I’m changed, by the Word of His Breath.
The Spirit He gave, brought me from death.

This life that I live, is not easy at all.
It’s a choice that I make, to respond to His call.

I’m called to be holy, consecrated to Him.
All for His glory, apart from all sin.

If I stumble and fall, I’m still in His hands.
I’m no less than a son, but no more than a man.



Consumed [email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 06, 2010

Heart Condition

I’m judged as His son, He sets me apart.

There’s no condemnation, except in my heart.

Deceitful and wicked, my heart tells me lies.

That I’m not really His son, that it’s all a disguise.

It makes me feel bad, so heavy the load.

Too heavy to carry, too narrow the road.

I must trust in the Lord, believe in His name.

He saved me from hell, I’m not even the same.

Forever I’m changed, by the Word of His Breath.

The Spirit He gave, brought me from death.

This life that I live, is not easy at all.

It’s a choice that I make, to respond to His call.

I’m called to be holy, consecrated to Him.

All for His glory, apart from all sin.

If I stumble and fall, I’m still in His Hands

I'm no less than His Son , and no more than a man



Consumed [email hidden from spammers] | on Jan 06, 2010

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