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Lord I ask you to give me strength and courage and the right tools to be a great mother and an understanding mother encouraging mother and a mother that doesnt have to fight or compete with any other for the love of her.children I do not deserve to go through any custody suit I am a great mom and my kids love me and I put them above.everything else why does it matter who has more money or if they promise more things. The most important thing is Love and Its all for my kids Please Lord help me be strong and stay positive for I know I will prevail Amen

by Anonymous

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I am going thru the same situation..fighting the same battle..i have the same feelings as you,its so unfair and it hurts my little ones so bad...there are women who could care less about their babies and never have anyone try to take those babies from her while loving mothers as u and i are fighting tooth and nail for ours for no reason....i will be praying for you hunny.if you need any support or a email is [email hidden from spammers].

Anonymous | on Jul 30, 2011

I am praying the both of you dedicated loving mothers, and I know how that is went through any ugly divorce I was your children the oldest. I pray for your children they need to be strong knowing that this will effect them the rest of their lives, but they will never forget their mother and your commitment, dedication, hard work it all pays off!! I am so proud of my mother she did all by herself and we are grateful for fighting for custody. You are walking with our lord and he will be holding your hand through this. Stay with him and he will lead you in the right state of mind to be confident- you will have your children.

hopeful mom | on Jul 30, 2011

Thank you so much. You have no idea what that means to me and other mothers who are going thru similar situations. .

MsJolly. | on Aug 14, 2011

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