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Dear Lord i thank you for this app because i need an outlet to get my feelings across. Unfortunately it's Sunday and im not feeling it. Im tired of bending over backwards, pushing things to the side and trying to forgive and forget. Why should i forgive a liar who keeps lying. For real im not sure if I love this man enough to do what im about to do. He's at a point where he won't change so why should I keep trying. The things he does is so stupid should i feel and think this way less than 2 months before my wedding. I dont know tired to say its the devil when in some cases its not its the people. My brain needs a rest im tired of trying to figure it out so ill let you. Guide me oh Lord. Im definitely lost and tired of being tired. I want my life back.....if ive ever had it:) You've blessed me and protected me time and time again. In Jesus name I thank you. Amen

by SoBlessed

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Hey there soblessed, my name is Danielle & God commands us to forgive those who does us wrong. God forgave us of our sins so therefore he expects us to forgive others. If you really love this person & ypu want him to change talk with tell him how you feel & forgive him. But when reality sets in the only person who can change is him. Give this all to God & he will help you through this. My name is Danielle & if you need prayer or someone to talk to just email me at [email hidden from spammers] & you can email me anytime, anyday, no matter the hour. Just trust in God & have faith. You need to talk to him & tell him how you feel. At least now before your wedding. I hope i have helped you in some way. God bless you. Your in prayers.
In Christ Jesus,

Anonymous | on Jul 24, 2011

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