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Good Morning prayer family! I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to share something with you.
A few years ago i used to keep what i called a prayer journal. It was a notebook that I wrote prayer requests in the form of letters to the Lord. I recently went through one of them. And tears began streaming down my face and my heart ached with joy. As i read through that book i realized all my prayers that had began answered and I hadn't really stopped and thanked the Lord. Things that troubled me the most was no longer a thought, those weights had been quietly lifted and i just coasted along not realizing that he had done what i askd him to do. Some of the prayers may not have been answered the way I thought they would have but they had been answered. As i read on my body began to shake as i lifted my hands in praise.
My point this morning is....sometimes when it seems that nothing is working out and yours prayers have fallen on deaf ears. Stop and reflect on your life and where you have been and where you are. It's not that he isn't listening or answering your prayers. It's just that in the hast of a new day and the current major issue we are facing at that time and asking the Lord to fix immediately. We don't focus on the smaller ones that he answered for us without fanfare. Those are the ones that keep us living and keep us smiling. Sometimes we forget to say " Thank You Heavenly Father for blessing me, for getting me through, & for loving me enough to get me to where I am today."
Hang in there, keep praying, because he definitely hears you. God Bless you!

by Walking by faith ( formerly Gods Child)

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Thank you for that! Amen!

Hope | on Jul 24, 2011

Glory to God. . . :)

Anonymous | on Jul 24, 2011

I am grateful that you appreciate me sharing that today

Walking by faith ( formerly Gods Child) | on Jul 24, 2011

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