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Thank you lord thank you Jesus thank you holy spirit...I want to take this time to write something that just recently happen yo me and I just can't describe how I felt with my lovely god I love you with all my heart god...well it was Thursday and I was just getting out of work I was tire and I was in a stop was gonna take left you know in stops when you wanna take left even if is on red you can go if cars are not coming and I looked and didn't see nothing well I was so tire that I didn't see that good cuz suddenly a police blew the horn he was coming to the left too and I almost crashed unto him but before I cloud hit him he blew the horn and I stop and then he blew it again so I could go so I started moving and he turn the lights on and I stoped at this store he got out and I open the window and he was said what ur name and I said Christian and he said u know just what you did do you know u almost crash into me he said it mad he was like what happen I respond sorry I was tire just got out of work and he was like where you work at and I said greech's painting and he told me to get my licence and I told him I didn't have one and he said identification and I told him I dnt have any he was even mad and he said so I'm guessing u never had a licence before and I said no sir then he asked me whose car is this and I responded my uncles and showed him my registration and then he was said I give you 3 options first option I take you out of the car and take you to jail second option I give you court but he said ur not going to show up anyways so he said third option I get in my car you wait for a minute till I'm gone and you leave I didn't say anything he left and I said have a bless day I couldn't believe it it was a miracle that happens when you have god on ur side I thank god for what he did cuz he knew what was happening in my life and u know what I had another ticket if that police would have checked my name outomatically I would go to jail cuz I haven't pay it but I got pay today...god is wonderful man I could not ask for nothing more just you my lord and now today I went to get this person out of jail I was the translator for this friend his friend was in jail cuz on of the front lights was not working and he was driving at night and police caught him and he didn't have a licence so the police took him to jail but see I know that person dnt have god as his only savior ima admitted I'm illegal but I dnt fear I have god on my side with him nothing is impossible man sometimes I'm like poor people cuz they dnt have god on their side and a lot of bad things happen to them but me I'm blessed because of you my lord I know I deserve to go to he'll cuz I'm a sinner but because of your forgiveness my Jesus I can reach my salvation thank you lord thank you Jesus thank you holy you with all my heart...godbless everyone...


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What are you doing driving without license and insurance! ! ! OBEY THE LAWS PLEASE!

Positively Faithful One | on Jul 24, 2011

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