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God I pray for forgiveness. True forgiveness. I left my teachings, morals and values. I made a mistake, a true mistake and when i was making the mistake i knew what i was doing yet i did it anyway. What bothers me is i dont know how i feel about it. I know i should feel low, shameful and dirty but i kind of dont. im confused. I pray that God hasnt taken his hand off of me. I was doing so good and i back slided into something i thought i would never do. Im scared and fearful that he may not forgive me. I pray for forgivenss my father and i am ashamed to have to come to you with this. I knew better, i should have left. I had a out and didnt take it. And im sorry. Please forgive me. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

by Lady

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When u ask for forgiveness, God forgives you and forgets abt it. And we have to do the same, forgive ourselves and forget abt it. Only the enemy wants u to wallow in guilt. Jesus wants u to accept the neverending love He always offers. :)

Clasi | on Jan 03, 2010

Life is all about mistakes,no sin is greater than da next,,whatever u have done stop feeling remorse about it , u can't change it, all u can do is learn from it and try not to do it again,, we all have fallen short in his glory,,,keep trying to do better than u do b 4 and good thing will come 2 ya,,,remember he already knws what's n our heart,,so u can't lie 2 him,,,keep ya head up and keep ya faith

misswilliams | on Jan 03, 2010

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