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Dear heavenly father thank you for this day I fasted for the lent season 2009. for 40 days I did not text I lost 1 friend during the process I understand now why you made me let go of him I was putting him before you before family and friends.. God you know it was like he had me wrapped around his finger he didn't know how much power he had on me I didn't know either until I fasted.. I was in danger my feelings for him erre strong but his was not the same for me i wanted to loce him he just saw me as a good friend and you were the only one that could help me it might have been easier to let go if I listened and followed your direction but I leaned to my own understanding and got my heart broken twice by two different guys and I was hurt destroyed emotionally pride damage and you were the only person I could call on the only person who understood the only one who could put my heart back together and when you put it back you made me see things differently you made realize all the answers to my question why I just want to say thank you! Because here I am 6 months later happy and better than ever believing and putting God first I love you God and I thank you I pray my testimony helps someone else in there walk with you in Jesus name I pray Amen! (it is done)

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I would like to say that something very similar happened to me. And God tAught me a lesson. Just have faith ad remember God will never give you anything you can not Handel

0207 | on Dec 29, 2009

Thank you :^) i just was in shock how our friendship ended but i prayed that my broken pride be healed. so now I'm at the point where I can say hi to him and I just want to think God for letting me be able to do that much but our relationship and my feelings for him won't ever be the same.. -kizz17

Anonymous | on Dec 29, 2009

I understand. It's hard but God will get you through I I thought If my friend would leave me I would die I did bot thank goodness for prayer and my family. It will be ok. Keep me updated (;

Anonymous | on Dec 29, 2009

Thanks that's exactly how I felt I mean I text this guy 24/7 and he responded whatever I was doing if he texted me I stopped what I was doing to make sure I answered yeah I was crazy.. But one day my phone broke and I had to go the whole day without texting him at first I was upset but I got over it at that time I realized I wasn't putting god first I was so focused on this guy I didn't see what god was doing for me so right then and there I desiced I was gonna stop texting for 40 days and I did and out of all my friends I kinda ingnored when I was texting this guy stayed and supported me he was the only friend I lost but I thank you guys for your prayers they mean alot! And I'm happy to know I'm not alone in my situations and may God bless you all! :^)

Anonymous | on Dec 30, 2009

Yes. I agree with your break for your phone it really helps! That's what I do when I get really stressed I just drop everything and try and focus on God. Loosing friends Is all apart of life. It just hurts me really bad with him. He was my best friend and for awhile he just ignore me. He is talking to me againlike I said but to be honest I think it hurts me even more. Who know I'm just trying not to wory about it you know?

0207 | on Dec 30, 2009

Yes I understand guy I lost was also like a bestfriend and during thiose 40 days of fasting he ignored me and when the fast was over he tried to text me like we were still bestfriends that hurt me more as well because i felt used or something.. - kizz17

Anonymous | on Dec 30, 2009

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