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I am angry, I feel as though I have been stabbed in the stomach with heartache & pain. My son's father is now with a new person, she cut my son's hair for them & when I asked my son where he was he lied for his dad. My son has always been good, its not his fault but I feel like I am in the twilight zone.
I tried to have a normal conversation with my ex tonight & my oldest son came outside & told me to let it go. Its all so unreal, I was treated like I am the bad guy. God I just feel as though I am not viewed as human. I am there for everyone else & yet no one sees my pain. My oldest son has lied so heavily to me & been angry toward me like his father I just feel worn out. So, I let my guard down & express my feelings & its as though I am insignificant. I don't know how to change things. I don't know what to do with this pain. I am alone, have children that view their father as more fun. He was abusive & callous. They view me as the one that upsets dad. It's such an upside down world right now. I just wish someone would tell me I'm not crazy. God please help my ex &sons to see me as a person of worth not someone that can literally be spit on.

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Girl I no I have no kids but wen I wet to school I felt like dirt but u let god handle it I put it in gods hands and you don't need to change anything that's wat god does you just have to pray read the bible and fast other kids made fun of me cuz of the way I walked I just put it all in gods hands and look I don't go to school any more and I'll pray for u

Anonymous | on May 01, 2011

U r not crazy, don't worry about them,u do u and let your X do himself, when kids grow up that's what they do, give it to God don't let it grieve u, don't let it bother u, even if it does don't let them know, no questions, if something bother u about yo X or the kids just go to yo room fight and box, and scream n the pillow, then come out smiling, never lettum c u sweat, my daughter left her daughter and is with her dad and his family, making up all kinda lies on me, I still have the baby and she 9 now, so don't upset yoself, act like u don't care

grateful*n*ohio | on May 01, 2011

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