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Dear God,

I just spoke to Jules again and I feel more peace now. She was going to be my wife and now she doesn't want to and it was getting really really hard. It still is a bit but Your grace and healing wash over me Lord and my focus is now finding peace with Your plan for me. I thank you for working patience and faith within me Lord and acceptance of Your plan. I won't lie and say I'm apprehensive- even scared. I made a covenant that I stand by and will for the rest of my days that if I don't marry her then You want me to be single for life. I gave her parts of me that I could never get back and You knew before the dawn of time I would make that covenant upon our separation. I am at peace with it Lord as I trust you and know that which I cannot comprehend You work with supernaturally. My finances, occupation, debts and the rest I place at your feet. I thank You Dad for your grace and mercy that you delight in showing me. I thank you for my health and sound mind and the gifts You have bestowed upon me. I praise your Holy Name for offering me a life I could never build on my own. I thank you for the opportunities You give me to look out for and help others. I thank you Holy Spirit for your works within me and for Your ministering to me when I'm in need. I thank you for working on me during this lonely period Lord. I thank you for taking my anxiety Heavenly Father. I thank you Jesus for your suffering on the cross for my sins and giving me an opportunity to talk to my Father in Heaven. Without you Lord God I am nothing. Please help me to see clearly Lord when moving towards my destiny- I pray that I have peace with whatever comes my way knowing that You are working within me Lord. You are the Alpha and Omega, the Most High and I praise your Holy Name. I ask that You allow me to be a father and loving husband Lord with Julia as my wife so that we may both serve you till the end of our days. Thank you for helping me through this period Lord and thank you for managing my affairs and helping me live in the supernatural rather than the natural. In Jesus name I pray for all those in fear, pain, worry and trials- that they may have your peace upon them and grow through their experience to serve You better Lord. I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. Glory be to you forever and ever!!! Amen and amen.

by Anonymous

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Trust that the love of God can carry you thru anything as it will. God has a good plan for our life but we need to first surrender our plan and seek His plan. When God removes something from your life He is not punishing you but giving what He has for you. Take the limitation off of your life and let God lead you truly lead you into the life He has for you in Jesus precious name Amen.

Nichole | on Apr 23, 2011

Thanks:) what's the limitation you think?

undoubtingThomas | on Apr 23, 2011

Praying for you! That God will heal your heart and reveal to you His plan for your life. Perhaps the limitation is that this is the only woman for you. Perhaps- God has a woman for you which you have not yet met - and all of this heartache is preparing you for her. Praying for you that God will show you the woman He has planned for your life- instead of you showing Him. (if that makes sense?)

Looking up | on Apr 23, 2011

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