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For the first time I really thought of ending it. The pain I'm feeling over you is not fair. Why am I here to live like this alone making every penny my last? I can barely hear myself think. My heart is in pieces. Everybody is happy around me smiling living a life ppl who don't even know God. And here I am feeling like death. I'm empty I have nothing to live for. The guy I once loved came back into my life only to make me feel more useless then I already feel and what's messed up is that I care about him and he could care less if I dropped off the face of the earth. My dad comes and goes as he please cause my mom is broken from his words and .pain he has caused her for the past 29 yrs. I'm 30 yrs old living in a small room in my moms house my brother is 34 living upstairs doesn't have anything to live for either. I'm tired and if I'm not a mistake then why am I living like this why does everything I do or say mess up. Why am I suffering? I'm tired of ppl telling me I'm not a mistake well I am I'm the biggest mistake God ever created. I'm about it and ppl around me who don't know God have a wife/husband kids a home a good job and living life. I can't eat,sleep think nothing I'm terrible at everything I do I'm suppose to have a gift what gift where is it? Cause all I do is mess up. I hate myself I hate this life. Where r u God when I need you its like everybody else walks away when I need them the most. Ppl tell me maybe you need to go talk to someone to who a person who wasent spend a day in there life in my shoes only to take money I don't have. But yet I stand up and say no God is the only one that can help me. Well here I am alone again. What a joke I am.

by Anonymous

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Baby God loves you. No matter what it looks like, please hold onto the fact that you are the apple of Gods eyes. The enemy is putting all of that in your thought life that you are nothing and all that. The battlefield begins in the mind and if the Author of Lies can get you to continue thinking that way he will destroy you. Bring every negative thought captive. Cast down those imaginations and stand on the Word of God. He'll see you through. He saw mr through my mess and he is no respector of persons. He told me that my situation was going to become VICTORIOUS! And thus far it has. God so love the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever would believe on him would have an everlasting life.I'm praying for you and with you. Be strong!

Sister T | on Feb 21, 2011

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