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Dear Father, my family and I really needs your help so badlly. My granddaughter is out of control, shes suspended fr ol m school. Shes defiant, oppisitjonal, az nd has substance abuse issues that need to dealt with. Shes 15 young beautiful and making such bad choices. She needs an intervention so badlly, before she doesnt somthing that would ruin het life forever, please Lord intervien in this, I dont know what would h as ppen to her if You dont. Father, im financially disasteted, and really need az financial miracle. My house is on the verge of falling apart and there are so many yhings wrong with it thete not the money to fix it. The heater doesnt work, the insulation needs replacing, needs new walls etc im just so overwhelmed with it all I dont know what to do. I am raising two granddaughters, as my daughter suffeed a brain injury and cant do it. My grandkids mean the world to me az nd they deserve more. And they never complain. Im praying for a miracle of a huge at least five bedroom house with a basement for us in the country away from the temptations o fc tge city. Im praying that our family can all live together there. It would be me, my son I. Law and 2 daughters and five children. Father, my youngest daughter needs me as nd my help as her health is poor, and so I run between two houses trying to be there for them all, if we had a big house, we could all be together, and it would be so much better much less so much easier for me, I wouldnt feel guilty all the time for not being able to be at both places at the sam es time. Father I pray that this time my ssi will be approved as I now have no income due to my health. So we need this miracle of a home thats big enough for us as ll. Father I will serve uYou the rest of my days, please grant my prayer. In Jesus name I pray, as men....

by Anonymous

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I'm praying for you. The thought popped in my mind that you should write that tv show the one that does the house make over with Ty. I dont usually say things like this especially about a tv program but I really think it's God. Hey he's in the miracle making business!
God Bless

Anonymous | on Jan 28, 2011

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