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Goood Mooorning Hoooly Spirit!! :) I thank you Lord for holding me in your gentle hands, and carrying me through life. As you know it my life has been horrible at times. I have chose the wide path more than I have ever prayed. (Thats embarrasing for me to say) :/ Lord introduce me to the Holy Spirit. I want to know Your ways. I want to have soo much of a bond with you that I shall call you my best friend. A warrior of God is what you want from me?? And warrior of God you shall get. Just make me strong against temptation. And help me grow in your word. Mold me lord. I am ready for you. I Thank you for the wonderful people u placed in my life. Walk with me today. See my life at eye level by my side. I invite you in. Wrap your arms around me. I love you Father... I leave this in your hands. - Amen & Amen

by Power of Prayer

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Your prayer just oozes commitment. No b.s., just dedication to your Lord. What inspiration for so many who are waffling. Gods commitment will make your proclamation real. Godspeed.

DMac1880 | on Jan 19, 2011

I thank you for ur acknowlegement towards my prayer to the man upstairs. :) I need to be strong and have a clear mind for God. And I know through him I shall do powerful works for him. He says so in the book of John. :)

Power of Prayer | on Jan 19, 2011

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