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January 2011

. Be patient
- listen
- wait
- speak a little
. Respect those around you
. Don't force something to happen; let it come to you

.Be patient
.Respect others
. Avoid any type of confrontation with Manny
. Do what walky says (within reason)
. Work on cleaning up house
. Work on settling in in the apartment

. You can write your journal in the iPod touch; it will be easier to keep track of -- you can show or e-mail it to the pastor if need be. The payer journal if ultimately for you, not any one else.
. When the time comes to fix the family friends PC, do so; walky will take care of the payment arrangement.
. Do what walky tells you within reason -- come to me for any concerns.
. be patient
. Respect those around you
. Don't give into temptation - don't drink today.
. Stay at your wife's parent's house until everything is moved in and arranged in the apartment. You got your way by staying the night Friday; now it is time for you to cooperate with everyone else. Take advantage of what is being offered; not too many people have the luxury to move in to a place slowly.

by jawaada2

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