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Commet and talk about anything going rough in ur life

by destiny

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I've been having a hard time with my relationship. I want us to learn how to trust again and really have faith. We both are just broken souls

Anonymous | on Jan 17, 2011

my boyfriend is in jail, and its so tough on both of us

Anonymous | on Jan 17, 2011

I'm a born again christian that backslided a couple of years ago, slowly but surely over the years my husband, best friend and soul mate of 14 years separated, he went to jail for 7 months, I became so hopeless, helpless, jobless, negitive and severly depressed. I was never suicidal but didn't want to live to see another day, I spent most of 2010 in my bed only getting up to get something to drink, I had to force myself to eat something every couple of days, I lost 25lbs that I didn't need to lose. I saw NO end in sight. But our God is good and he is faithfull. The day after christmas I had a nervous breakdown or now what I call it is I had a spirtual breakthrough, I threw myself on the floor and called out to God, at this point I had hit rock bottom and he was the only one that was going to get me out of this dark hole I had dug for myself, almost instantly, he picked me up and put me on solid ground, I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, I never remember having so much peace in my heart and the biggest miracle of all is that after a year of being separated my husband and I found eachother again, we have a lot of work to do but by the amazing grace of God we have never been more love, we r back with our church family!!! God has showered my family and I with miracles beyond belief, Our Lord and Savior saved my life and that's why I walk by faith in 2011!!!! All thanks be to God!!! He reigns!!!!

Walking by Faith in 2011 | on Jan 17, 2011

To "walking by Faith" ---PRAISE GOD! I am happy for you and pray the others will receive a blessing from God that will change their lives as yours has.).

Anonymous | on Jan 17, 2011

I pray for all of hard prob.

destiny | on Jan 22, 2011

A pray could happen one closing of an eye

destiny | on Feb 02, 2011

Every body lives inside but maybe not

destiny | on Feb 07, 2011

I love all of you

destiny | on Feb 07, 2011

U all make me change and my little brother jus found out he's deaf

destiny | on Feb 08, 2011

Thanks comment some more u guys are really gifted and I think ever body knows that

destiny | on Feb 21, 2011

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