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Today I had to pay $1,705.68 in back taxes due to my mother not paying. Everyday my mother puts my child and I in danger due to her drug habit. My mother talks negative about me to other family members & because of her I barely attend family gatherings. I own the house we live in and she dosent pay me a dime of anything. Instead, she gets high everyday and roam the streets. I keep getting sick and I haven't had a check up in 2 years because I don't have health insurance & I'm nervous about my health. I work 2 jobs to provide for my son & my body is getting weak. I don't know what to do. Lost

by Imperfection

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Sounds like you are very loving person who is doing all you can for your family! You may want to find some help for your mother she may be mad at first but you could help her get her life back again ! Stay strong u have a good heart... I'll keep u all in my thoughts and prayers

kitty | on Jan 17, 2011

Your mom need professional help if you don't act soon you will be in danger of losing your son you may even lose your mom.God will help you thru but you have to start somewhere, good luck

Hope94 | on Jan 17, 2011

Try getting her some help. Seems like your are the strong one and you need to remain healthy. I'll be praying for you and your family that y'all my overcome this trial.

James | on Jan 17, 2011

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