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Lord please watch over my family and I. Right now I am very stressed, depressed, and I feel only you can see me through. If you have done it for me once I know you can do it again. Help me not to continue to make the same mistakes. I have a wonderful family and a loving husband. I could not ask for much more but I have to stop spending so much money. I am a giver and I am always putting others before myself. I will go without to help someone in need. It's to the point now its causing problems in my household financially. Am I doing the right thing? I know its better to give than receive. I hate seeing people on the streets, kids going without, the homeless side the road asking for food or just spare change. I spoke to a homeless man today. He asked how was my Christmas. I said fine. I asked how was his Christmas. He stated he was cold. My heart was broken. How can I help and not put a strain on my family?

by A Walking Angel

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When you help yourself, others will benefit. Your family needs you as much as the people you meet and I know its hard for them to see you in pain because the world is in pain. You take on the pain of the world and believe You can save them all. I did the same thing for years until I realized what it was doing to my family. They were only getting a small.part of me because I gave everything I had to anyone that needed something. I believed I could save them until I realized that the pain I saw in them was actually my own pain. Once I worked on mine, I was able to help without it taking from me or my beautiful family. Take care of yourself and others will benefit. God bless xoxo

Believe | on Dec 29, 2010

Thanks for your comment. What you said makes a lot of since. Please continue to pray for my family.

A Walking Angel | on Dec 29, 2010

Of course! God bless you and your family xoxo

Believe | on Dec 29, 2010

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