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What a sad day. I had to file for guarianship of my 18 year old son. Though18, he doesn't process information as an adult yet. He is more like 14. His life is so hard. He struggles to fit in and doesnt understand how autism interfere with his relationships or understanding. He has many doctors, feeding tube supplies, medical companies, appointments and court things going on. Most recently is the man who wants him thrown in jail for something he couldn't understand. I am so sad for him. He has dreams of his first appartment and going to music college. I don't want him to give up on his dreams. I just got him back from a 72 hour suicide hold. I am afraid for him. I don't know how to keep him safe. Please help him. Please put the right people in his path, who can help him achieve his dreams and keep him safe and loved. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

by projectmora

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God heard u n want u to know tt the strength u possess now is almighty. Email [email hidden from spammers] for ur prob.

Anonymous | on Oct 29, 2010

Keep the faith. Everyday just begin to speak life giving promises and scripture over him. Gods word does not return void. With God all things are possible and he will do it. Their is a mountain ahead of you but God said speak to the mountain and it shall be moved! God word is your weapon. God is with you in this journey and he has already claimed the victory!

Anonymous | on Oct 29, 2010

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