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I love someone who is already married. What do i do Lord? Im falling apart

by Anonymous

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Is he in love with you?

Anonymous | on Oct 18, 2010

If this person is married you know nor to get involved. It is not of god. You need to let go & move on. Ask God to release you of this person & ask God to send you someone that is not married. I would be more than happy to pray for if you would like me to. I have a prayer email set for people to send me their prayer requests & i will answer them back by me praying for them. My prayer email is [email hidden from spammers] & you can email me anytime, anyday, no matter the hour. Please do not get discourage if i don't answer you right away it just probably means that i'am busy but just know that i will always get back to you. Please rethink about getting involved with this person. It is not of God & it is not right. I will be praying that you will do the right thing. In Christ Jesus, Danielle

D[email hidden from spammers] | on Oct 18, 2010

He is married, he is not yours, he belongs to someone else. I don't know what he has told u, but do not get in the middle of his marriage... if you think u r falling apart now, if u stay in this relationship it will crumble, and u will b much hurt than what u r now....

foreverloved | on Oct 18, 2010

Walk away.

xREBORNxOFxGODx | on Oct 18, 2010

Pls dont prejudge my friends. We love each other like a family and we always cry an pray that we can be together someday. We just dont know how. He doesnt wanna hurt his family as well. I didnt know before that it is possible to love two people at d same time. And i didnt know that i would love him like this much. We are both hurting at this time trying to move on. We both feel miserable at this time. I dont know what to do. Help me pray

Anonymous | on Oct 18, 2010

it's not worth the whipping.
Run as fast as you can
Pray as much as you can
Don't let satan trip you.
Spare yourself.

He\'sAlwaysByMySide | on Oct 18, 2010

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