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Lord i dont know if i am pregnant or not .my first reaction was if i am definitly keep it now im haveing second thoughts, i am a 25 year old unemployed college grad i am currently in a very bad finacial situation and am feeling like if i keep the baby that may be there my life will be ruined. How will i support it on such low paying jobs that are out there. I can barely support myself right now. Please take these bad feelings away deep down in my heart i know that through u everything is possible and you have never foresaken me. I am scared lord i am so afraid of my unknown future please help me sleep with ease tonight. My mind is going crazy . Please give me a sane mind. And if i am pregnant please give me a financial blessing and lead me in the direction of the right "job" to help support me and my child. Amen

by Anonymous

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I will pray for you, a child is a blessing. Plus you have a degree. Keep working hard, you are blessed and he will hear your prayers.

Anonymous | on Oct 14, 2010

Our God is a awasome God and he will leave your side this things happen sometimes to get us closer to him. There is a miracle been done in your life believe and declare it tonight

Anonymous | on Oct 14, 2010

If u are pregant keep the baby.. That baby shall be a blessing for you..and G-d will help through it... Don't worry about money.. He shall find a way to provide u with it... He loves you no matter what :)

ISPUNKLEERANSOM | on Oct 14, 2010

Being a single parent is difficult..providing for a child is difficult..(I was a single Mom for four years) ..but having said that..keeping your child may be the biggest blessing of your life. And if you cannot keep your child..please do not abort it but give it up for adoption. Many parents (like myself) would love to have another child to love and care for...will say a prayer for you right now!

•T• | on Oct 14, 2010

Thank you all for the encouragment god bless!

TeeTee | on Oct 14, 2010

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