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Father God, thank u 4 this day & all u've blessed me with! I could never praise or thank u enough 4 all that u've done, all that ur doing & all that u have planned 4 me! Thank u 4 loving me so much! This last week has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride. It was wonderful 2 hear J kicked JR out of our house! I'm trying so hard 2 believe that u r working in his life & bringing him back 2 u & 2 me again, but I'm struggling. I text him Mon eve & told him he's in my thoughts & prayers & fhb(faith, hope & belief), which he started saying 2 me yrs ago, but I haven't heard back from him. I know the devil is trying 2 get in my head & make me doubt everything, but its hard not 2. I know how different J & I were & in some ways are probably even more different now being that I grew closer 2 u & I'm pretty sure he grew further away from u & slipped back n2 his bad habits when he left our marriage 4 JR. I don't know if he has any godly influences now that he didn't have back then or what. I'm not saying or thinking its impossible cuz I know nothing is impossible 4 u God! I guess I'm just doubting that he has any feelings left 4 me. We had some really hard times, but we had a lot of great times 2 & I just pray he remembers them 2! Its funny, well coincidental that one of the places he works now is the 1st place we actually had dinner 2gether. Also this month on the 23rd/24th will be the 11th yr anniversary frm the night we 1st kissed & actually started dating. I'm seriously considering going 2 the restraunt he works at on the 23rd 2 see how he'll react & see if we can talk. I would love nothing more than 4 J 2 contact me on his own b4 then though! I just don't know what 2 do! I'm so frustrated! I can't believe its October & things rn't much different! I just want ur will 4 my life Lord! U gave me the desire 2 be a wife & mom & I want that so badly! I want it with J again, if its ur will! I miss him so much! I want 2 see him & take Griz 2 see him & start over again! Pls God, speak 2 his heart, reveal ur will 2 him & I! Reunite us as I believe u promised so long ago! Pls don't let me do anything 2 mess up ur plans 4 he & I! Help me not get caught up in this thing w M! U know I'm bored & enjoying his attn, but my heart is still with J. 4give me if I'm wrong. I guess I still just struggle knowing what ur will really is 4 me. I need ur clarity & guidance more than ever! Pls help me! Don't let me get caught in a trap by satan!
God, pls be with Amy now 2! I pray that u give the Drs wisdom 2 find out whats wrong w her & help her. I pray that u will heal her & reveal urself 2 her thru this medical scare she's dealing with! I pray that she will open her heart & mind 2 u & seek ur will 4 her life & become the godly woman, mother, wife, daugter & sister that u created her 2 be! I pray u will place a hedge of protection around her & the girls & keep them safe during the increased terrorist threats overseas & always! I pray u will make a way 2 bring them back home here 2 the states soon! I pray u will help mom & I know what 2 do about trying 2 move or whatever we can do 2 make things more comfortable 2 live in 2gether & get my stuff out of storage. I have this idea in my head that J & I will get back 2gether, sell our house, sell mom's house & buy a bigger better one 2gether that may have a nice in-law suite or something! I know I'm dreaming big but ur a God who blesses us with bigger & better things than we can even imagine so I know my dream isn't 2 big 4 u! Nothing is! Ur amazing God! Lord, I also pray 4 mom & her RA & other ailments! U are our great Physician & Healer & I believe u are working in her body 2 restore her health 2! Make the way so she doesn't need 2 take any meds 4 her medical issues, but that u have healed them by Jesus' stripes! Father 4 everything u've blessed us with & every prayer u've answered, we thank u & give u all the glory, honor & praise! We will always share ur faithfulness & mercy & grace with those around us & plant seeds 4 u 2 water & make grow! We are nothing without u & can't do anything without u! Thank u 4 just being u Abba Father! I love u Lord! I love u Jesus my Savior! I love u Holy Spirit! I also ask that u hear all the prayers of those on this prayer app & bless them according 2 ur will Father! Pls hear the prayers in my heart! I pray all of this in Jesus holy & precious name ~ Amen!

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