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Good morning sweet Jesus and all my family in Christ . Make this day that you have been gifted the day of new birth . Praise our father in heaven for his love and mercy . I pray the lord answers your needs . Know that through Christ we have hope and for those that love him , nothing can separate you from his love . I thank you father for this new day and I ask you to forgive us all for our short comings and the many times we have failed you . I stand strong inu faith lord and firm believe in your promise and I thank you for it . Lord this day is a gift from you and I pray that I use it to do your will father . Let my heart be one with yours lord , give me your eyes lord so I will not miss the important things in this life that you want me to see . Let my light love of you shine that it be an inspiration to those who are weary and need to be uplifted in spirit . I pray lord that whom ever seeks you this day , finds you lord and finds rest in your arms . Bless the sick and the lost lord . You have taken this broken spirit and lifted me to soar above the distractions of this world and I thank you lord . You have shown me that there is something greater than myself and I thank you . I pray this day lord that you remove from my heart whatever is not pleasing to you and instill in me the compassion to care for someone other than myself . My life belongs to you father for the very breath I tale is because you allow it and may I use this breath and this body for your glory and not for my own . I ask this lord in your holy name.

by lamb of the king

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