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Dear Lord I need you-i need to know you are there. You know my 5 year old son was molested and sodomized and I am still struggling everyday in my faith. Why didnt you protect my innocent child from this monster??? My baby is still having issues that we have to work thru on a daily basis. I am scared I will run into this monster or some of his family in public everyday. I am not sure how I will act if I do see them. Haven't seen any of them since court. And since all he got was a slap on the hand I am mad. We have to pick up the pieces while he is free to do this to some other child......why?? Why? Why? When I prayed every night to protect my family, you didnt. My child was held down and raped with hands over his mouth to keep him quiet. Why do we pray when you weren't there?

by mrswamp

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God is always there.. we will never know exactly why God allows certain obstacles in our life.. but trust and believe his intentions are all aligned with his will.. sometimes God will push huge rocks in our path to get our attention... and even if we live according to his word we still are subjected to tribulations.. perhaps this is a test of faith.. I don't know.. but I am praying for u and your family

Prayer without Judgement | on Sep 30, 2010

From experience I can tell you this doesn't have to ruin anyones life, especially your sons. But please read the shack. God bless all of you.

Living In The Light | on Sep 30, 2010

My prayers r with ur family. Trust in god.

Anonymous | on Sep 30, 2010

I feel your pain and bitterness i pray God will help heal you abd esp. Your son hard as it is i pray forgiveness develops in your heart and may every blessing be on you and your family. Hear them Father. Hear and heal them pls. As someone said already read the book the shack God bless you!

Anonymous | on Oct 01, 2010

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