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I am having such a hard time, I separated from my husband in march because he.just wasn't willingly to get a job. Instead of trying to get a job to support me and our 4 year old daughter him and my ex befriend got together. Which is find, I accepted that not arguing, but things happen. But when she goes over there she comes back not having brushed her teeth, and being gross and dirty. She needs new clothes and shoes that fit. My job after 2 months of waiting finally came thru. I get paid once a month and I work from home. He pays for a new crib for this girls baby, a brand new strolled ya know the whole nine yards. Which her now born sons father wants nothing to do with her or their son, cuz she has a hankering for revenge, playing the victim and sleeping with people whether they are married or whether she got out of a relationship 2 weeks prior. At the time she has still 3 months to the due date, and her son is 1 month old now. I think its awesome that he is taking care or her kid, but what about our daughter? What about the. Fact I am almost positive the house with everyone who lives in it is unlivable. Please pray his new Gf accepts Christ, that he doesn't forget Elizabeth. And for me to have the strength to put up with having to explain to Elizabeth why she shouldn't repeat the nasty things kimmi says about me infront of Elizabeth. He can live his life, I don't mind. I just need prayers for making omit thru this trial and keeping my faith strong. Thank you.

by Anonymous

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I want to thank you all for your prayers. I feel little less burdened. Kindness right now is rare and I thank you for taking the time to pray for someone you don't know. God bless you and your family's.

ashley | on Sep 30, 2010

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