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I prayed and did everything like you said and now my life's a mess. Everything you said was for your own glory and you didn't care at all for the hurt I went through because of you. You're so selfish, you don't deserve my love or my faith.

by Anonymous

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God gave his only son to die for you and your sins so that u may b forgiven... so our God is far from selfish. U may b goin thru trails right now, but it'll b worth it in the end.. nothin in life is handed to you!

Anonymous | on Sep 24, 2010

It is an honor and a blessing to suffer for Christ....when you suffer in His name you can't imagine the glorious riches He has for you...persevere! Keep doing what God has called you to do. It's never easy, but He is with you and You will be blessed. In the end, if you had nothing, wouldn't you rather have Him?

Stephanie | on Sep 24, 2010

yes you can be mad at God. But telling him he is selfish is very wrong. We may not always understand why God puts us they things, but he does have a plan for us. We must go thru the bad sometimes to get to the good.

Anonymous | on Sep 24, 2010

God will love you forever and ever and ever even if u don't want him to he will always love you!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous | on Sep 24, 2010

If you put your trust in God he will show you the path he would like you to take. It is your choice to take it or not. You have to remember though ; just because YOU are trying to trust in God and do right doesn't mean everubody else involved in you situation is also.

Danny | on Jul 09, 2012

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