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Dear lord pretect my house. I am still up and I am terrified. I have a fever but idk if that what is making hear things like people walking I wanna wake up my dad but he has to work and I don't want him to get mad at me. But I am so scared. :'( I don't know what to do I'm so tired but I can't fall asleep becuz of how scared I am. Someone pray for me please and if u read this right now comment on it and tell me what to do or just talk to me. Please Im waiting for the sun to come up. But we r not gonna talk that long. Please someone talk to me. Please :'(. Sorry for the people that this is stupid I know I'm grown i'm 17 but that doesn't mean I can't be scared. Please a pray and talk to me.

by Lynn

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Dnt worry god is wit u u have nothing to worry about

GOD is good | on Sep 20, 2010

What is it exactly that you are afraid of?

Anonymous | on Sep 20, 2010

Claim the blood of Jesus over you and bind the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus! Read ps 91 and ask that the angels of the lord encamp around you. Your not crazy Satan attacks in our sleep with an evil presence. Yet command him to leave and speak and claim the blood and name of Jesus! Listen God is so much bigger. He has given you all power and authority over the enemy! He said that you will trample on snakes and scorpions and nothing shall harm you. He has not given you a spirit of fear bur of power, love, and a sound mind!
Listen to worship music as you sleep and praise God in song. The enemy can not stay in the light and annointing. You are that light!
Satan I rebuke you in Jesus Name, leave this child of God alone. I plead the blood of Jesus over theist mind body and spirit. You will not attack them again. I seal christ blood and protection upon them and no weapon forged against them will prevail. Spirit of the living God rise up in this child and be strong in the lord and the power of his might!

Anonymous | on Sep 20, 2010

Thanks to the person who wrote the last comment. I read the chapter in the bible like u told me and I am now praying and listening to gospel music. Thanks so much. And to the second comment I was hearing foot steps And I thought someone broke in. But my mother told me that there is no one and she walked around the house with me.

Lynn | on Sep 20, 2010

You are welcome. Just know that sometimes you have to fight in spiritual warfare but God has already one the battle. Just always claim Jesus blood, read the word and worship. Works every time.

Anonymous | on Sep 20, 2010

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