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Jesus.....I pray that you would show me the path that you want me to take! I'm so confused right now. Be with me in Jesus name!

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I prayed that the lord would guve you confident peace replacing the spirit of confusion. This confusion does not come from Gods heart towards his children. Gods heart is that we are confiden. In his direction he's leading us into. And honestly it may not always be the most pleasant looking at the moment. But God is great at taking our ashes and making beauty from our ashes. He's a redeeming God that is WHO he is! 1 Corinthians 14:13; Isaiah 61:3; Isaiah 60:18!

Jesus loves you tremendously! Don't ever allow Satan to make you doubt this! So be still and sit before your creator asking him to search your heart and to KNOW you and se way it is an ask him about why you fill confused asking him to show you scriptures bringing them to mind things he's told you so thatbyou can make sense of what he's saying to you! He will speak but be prepared cause it's always do this do that or stay here go there or just pray or this or etc. You'll know it's his voice in fact ask the lord to show you how you will know it's his voice verse others better prayer! And make sure that you first read and get the word of God into your system first even talking to God as you read it telling about this you dont understand trully conversing with him! Read the book of Hebrews great place to start!

Anonymous | on Aug 11, 2010

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